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Impress Your Clients With Marble Polishing Powder That Works

One of the most important things to be able to do is to send your crews to a home or commercial property and have a glowing report from the owner about the terrific job that they did. The secret to having this positive feedback from customers is twofold: one is in having the right professionals on the job, and the second is in having the right products and equipment for them to use.

Almost anyone can work with stone provided you have the right products and equipment. However, when you combine professional, experienced and knowledgeable your staff with the right products, your customers will always be happy.

Our Marble Polishing Powder

Perhaps the most common issue we hear from people dissatisfied with their last stone cleaning or renovating company was the lack of attention to detail. This typically includes the incomplete removal of etching and staining on floors, countertops, backsplashes and fixtures.

We have developed a marble polishing powder that really does get the job done. To make it even better, it is a very simple process to use the product. It can even be used in between professional services to remove areas of etching.

As with all our products, our marble polishing powder is something we recommend to our customers on a regular basis. It can be used prior to a full cleaning or on its own, which is ideal on marble end tables, coffee tables or in very small spaces where commercial cleaning equipment simply doesn’t fit.

The Easy Way to Polish

The marble polishing powder works all on its own, all you will need is a soft cloth and a water-misting bottle. A pinch or two of the powder on the surface, a misting with water, and a few strokes back and forth with terrycloth fabric will remove the acid etched stain.

In some cases, when the etching is more significant, this very simple process can be repeated. Finish off by misting the area again and, starting in the center of the stained area, spiral out with a light buffing motion to create an even surface sheen that blends with the surrounding marble or natural stone.

Our polishing powder can be used on any calcite-based stone, including travertine and marble, and is a great product for those spot etching issues that can be problematic.

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