Identifying Hail Damage Madison to Your Roof

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Roofing

Hail can seem like a rather interesting phenomenon to those who haven’t ever experienced it, but those who have to deal with hail every winter are very familiar with Hail Damage Madison. Hailstones are balls of ice which can range from .2 inches to 7.9 inches in diameter and are usually present during thunderstorms. When hailstones rain down from the sky they are known to cause damage to automobiles, windows, and roofs. It can cause large cracks and completely break through windows and car windshields, and pierce large holes in the metal sidings of houses and trailer homes. Hailstones have even been known to cause serious injury and sometimes death to those who get caught outside in a hailstorm. When your home does experience Hail Damage Madison to the roof of your home or business it is important to first recognize the damage, and then to have it repaired. Hail damage can often be difficult to see with the naked eye, but left without being repaired it can have a serious impact on your homes roof. If the hail has stripped the shingles of your roof from its outer layer damage can be caused by UV rays from the sun and the shingle will begin to degrade very quickly.

When first identifying if your home has experienced damage, checking for pieces of your roofs shingle material in gutters is a good place to start. Also checking gutters for damage, and looking for leaks inside can indicate damage has been done to the roof. If you do find that there are any leaks in your roof inspecting the outer shingles of the roof is the next step. Hail most often creates dents in roof shingles tearing through the reinforcing mat under the shingles or wears down on the shingle material which can allow water to leak through the shingles. If you do suspect that any of these problems have occurred, contacting your house insurance company as well as hiring a specialist to come and inspect your roof can help you find out what the costs will be to fix the roof and what type of repairs are needed.

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