How to Replace Garage Door Springs in Summerlin

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Garage Door

Garage door springs distribute weight evenly across garage doors and are responsible for lifting the door. When garage door springs break, operating the garage door becomes difficult to operate. In fact, continuing to operate a garage door that has a broken spring isn’t recommended because the door could fall and break or cause injury to anyone under it.

Replacing garage door springs in Summerlin is a job that should only be done by a professional. Although there are internet videos with tutorials and step-by-step instructions, they don’t take the place of experienced garage door services.

Preparing for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Homeowners who want to be proactive can purchase new springs online or from their local garage door supplier. Having these springs ready to go for the technician to install saves time and could save money.

Purchase high-quality springs that will last upwards of 20,000 rotations or more. This is how many times the garage door should open and close before spring replacement is necessary again.

Move Items from the Area

Technicians need room to move. Often, garage door springs break as people are trying to open their garage door and leave for work or errands. If this is the case, the vehicle will still be in the garage.

Don’t worry about trying to remove the vehicle. Instead, clear as much else as is possible from around the garage door to make it easy for the technician to maneuver.

To schedule replacement service for garage door springs in Summerlin, contact Husky Garage Door Repairs.

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