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How To Remove Rust From Wrought Iron Railings in Chicago

How To Remove Rust From Wrought Iron Railings in Chicago

Wrought iron railings in Chicago can add class and beauty to every home. They are elegant, strong, and functional, and a favorite among many Chicago residents. Wrought iron railings can add to the value of your home, simply by giving it extra visual appeal. However, wrought iron is also prone to rust, and when not properly cared for, can rust over quickly, leaving hard to remove stains. This can actually detract from the value of your home, and makes the formerly beautiful area look worn down and shabby. Thankfully, there are things that you can do your self to remove the built up rust from your railings and restore their beauty. Here are some tips on how to remove rust from wrought iron railings in Chicago.

Clean The Railing

The firs step is to clean the entire railing, a few inches at a time. Ita��s best to use a solution of warm water and dish soap, in order to prevent harsh chemicals from causing further damage to the iron. Be wary of using steel wool brushes or other abrasive cleaning supplies, as this too will wear away the surface of the railing. A microfiber cloth is best, and will help preserve the iron. If the rust is particularly hard to remove, purchase a toothbrush from your local pharmacy and use the teeth of the brush to scrub away at the rust.

Repair Any Damage

If there are spots where the surface has worn away, youa��ll want to fill in those small areas using epoxy or polyester resin. Again, work in small sections, but be sure to check over and repair the entire railing. These fillers can help provide texture to the affected area, helping it to blend in with the rest of the railing. Once hardened, you can use sandpaper to wear them down, to match the surface and texture of the rest of the railing.

Only Start What You Can Quickly Finish

Iron will react with the air almost immediately, so only take on what you can finish in a single day. Ideally, you will work in small sections, and finish one small section at a time, to prevent the rest of the railing from becoming susceptible to rust. Please visit for more information.

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