How to Remove Ants from Your Wichita Kansas Home

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Pest Control

During the summer months, ants are a common insect found inside the home. Not a lot of people enjoy seeing ants, or any type of bug, crawling around outside. They definitely do not like seeing them inside their house. Getting rid of these ants has also proven difficult for some. It seems as though no matter what the homeowners do, the ants always come back. Follow these tips for Ants removal in Wichita Kansas area for an ant-free home.

Caulk the Windows and Doors

One way to stop ants from getting into the home in the first place is to put caulk on the edges of windows and doors where the cracks are. Since ants are tiny, they can easily crawl through those spaces. If caulk is put there, it will prevent ants from ever getting inside in the first place.

Spray with Cleaner

To kill off the ants, they can be sprayed with a regular cleaning spray. This can be done for individual ants that are found in the home, as well as for a line of ants that are seen together. Ants typically send in one or a few ants from their colony to search for food. Once it is found, they return to their colony and bring them back to the source to collect the rest.

Vacuum Them Up

If the homeowner doesn’t feel comfortable completely killing off the ants, they can vacuum them up and then dump them outside. This way, the ants are still living, but they will no longer be inside the house. Additionally, the vacuum can be used to kill them as well if talcum powder is sprinkled on the carpet and vacuumed up first.

Call the Exterminator

If the ant problem persists and no matter what is done, the ants keep coming back, an exterminator may be needed. They will have the necessary tools to get rid of the ants once and for all. Michael Patton is one exterminator who can get rid of the ants in any home easily.

Once homeowners understand how to get rid of ants, or have the ants removed by an exterminator, they should then ensure that ants can never get in again. Caulking is one way to do this. Ants will also not come in if there is nothing to come in for. This means that by cleaning up and removing any food immediately, Ants Wichita Kansas residents see will not come in at all.

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