How to Choose a Company for Commercial HVAC in Edmond, OK

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Air Conditioning

Although it is tempting to use your local friendly home air conditioning company for Commercial HVAC in Edmond, OK, this may not be the best choice. Your business has unique needs, so it is important to deal with experts, such as Benchmark Mechanical Inc., who have the qualities you need. Some of these include:

QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE: The air conditioning systems in commercial buildings may serve office personnel, the public, and could be required to keep property safe, such as systems in warehouses. Because of these unique needs, businesses that offer Commercial HVAC in Edmond, OK should provide easily-accessible, friendly customer service personnel, especially in emergencies. You should feel comfortable that your needs will be met quickly. In addition, it is smart to choose a company that offers fair, upfront pricing, and does not suggest replacing a system that can be repaired.

A RANGE OF SERVICES: Choose a business that has experience installing equipment in very small or large buildings, since they have the equipment and staff to adapt to changing needs. They should be able to provide commercial cooling towers, split systems and package units, chill water coils, water pumps for all systems, automated building controls, and germicidal UV lighting systems, among other things.

COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCE: Your HVAC specialists should have specific experience dealing with busy commercial enterprises, and be able to create custom solutions for your business needs. Factory trained and experienced technicians will work around your schedule, and ensure as little disruption to you and your customers as possible.

EFFICIENT REPLACEMENT OPTIONS: The best commercial HVAC companies can assess your company’s needs, and recommend the most economical HVAC solutions. These may include repairs that extend the life of equipment, or the installation of an energy-efficient system. Professionals will offer replacement units that can lower utility costs, and ensure maximum comfort.

MAINTENANCE: You should use a company that offers affordable routine maintenance plans for your commercial air conditioning systems. They should be able to provide a suggested schedule designed to maximize efficiency and extend equipment life.

Commercial HVAC experts need to offer the same high level of experience and customer service as residential technicians do, but also provide a range of commercial services and training. In addition, they should be able to help you achieve maximum HVAC efficiency, by offering energy-saving repair, replacement, and maintenance options.

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