Hiring Septic Professionals is Worth the Cost

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If you have a septic system that uses a tank and you are not connected to a municipal sewer system, then you have more responsibilities than does your neighbor who does not own a tank. You have to think about the maintenance and care of your system, including treating your own wastewater, testing your system for damage or potential problems, regular inspections of your tank for sludge build-up, irrigation issues and septic pumping in Bonney Lake, WA.

Treating your wastewater with bacteria to keep sludge out of pipelines is an efficient way of dealing with clogging issues before they happen, and preventing them. Treatments must occur on a regular schedule in order to keep bacteria alive. If done correctly, they will work to mitigate against the build-up of sludge in your septic pipes. Clogging can cause overflow of appliances indoors, or pipes to crack, break or leak, which can create other serious issues. Treating your wastewater responsibly is as important as regularly scheduled septic pumping. Bonney Lake, WA companies can set up schedules to help take care of the entire process as part of a routine maintenance program.

If you do hire a company to do your wastewater treatment and septic pumping in Bonney Lake, WA for you, ita��s likely they will also inspect your system for you about once a year to ensure that everything is working properly. Paying for the services of a company is cheaper in the end than not providing maintenance for your system, or doing it inadequately yourself, and then having to pay for repairs once something breaks or the entire system crashes, destroys or damages your property, and costs you thousands of dollars to repair and remedy.

Particularly in Washington State, you may find that your leach field is producing a small swampland in your backyard. If this happens, it is important to find out why. It is most likely because of rainwater softening the ground and combining with the effluent water from your tank. Septic professionals can inspect your system to make sure that pooling is not due to broken or leaking pipes, and can also help to provide irrigation that diverts wastewater from collection in your leach field during particularly rainy months of the year.

It is crucial to hire professionals through the process of septic pumping on a regular basis as well, with a frequency that may vary depending on a number of subjective factors, such as the size of your tank, the levels of wastewater produced by your household, and general usage issues.


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