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Get Help With Repairs From Storm Damage in Queen Creek, AZ

Cleaning up after storms, be they thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes, is a daunting task to undertake. Tornadoes, for example, often leave a wide wake of destruction stretching for miles. Even lesser-scale storms have the potential to cause severe damage to homes and buildings. High or “straight-line” winds, hail, and flying debris like tree limbs are all potentially dangerous. In the blink of an eye, a building that was here today is gone.

As soon as reasonably possible after a storm, a home or building’s exterior and roof should be examined for damage. Check both your property and also the neighboring properties for any roofing materials that have blown off, such as shingles, vents, flashing materials, etc. Inspect the exterior of the home or building, checking for anything that may have blown against or onto the roof. If there is an attic, look for places where daylight can be seen through cracks or holes. Temporarily cover any openings you find with plastic tarps, along with any windows that may have been broken by flying debris or tree branches.

The need to have Storm Damage in Queen Creek AZ, repaired or remediated as soon as possible cannot be overemphasized. A new storm can rip off tarps, and the penetrating water will exacerbate the existing damage, necessitating interior as well as exterior repair. If possible, photograph and date pictures for your insurance company. The fastest way to recover from the results of storm damage is to Visit Paul Davis restoration professionals, who are ready to serve you 24/7, 365 days a year. With 50 years of experience, and more than 300 franchise locations in the U.S., they are clearly in a position to serve your repair and restoration needs.

The effects of Storm Damage in Queen Creek AZ, whether residential, commercial or industrial, are often debilitating. When facing times like these, experience, professionalism, customer service and compassion, are of the utmost importance. You need a company that understands the devastation that results from property damage, and whose priority is the quick restoration of your property or business. Commercial and large-loss services specialize in business continuity and disaster planning, structural stabilization, water extraction, fire/smoke cleaning and restoration, mold remediation, and document drying and restoration.

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