Four Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Shower Doors in Chicago

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Glass & Mirror Shop

Shower doors serve a vital function in a bathroom’s aesthetic and practical aspects. They protect the bathroom floor from water damage and add elegance to the décor. Choosing the right shower doors in Chicago is crucial as it can determine the durability of the doors and the appearance of your bathroom. Here are four key considerations to consider when selecting shower doors in Chicago.

1. Type of Shower Door

The first thing to consider is the type of shower door that best suits your bathroom’s style. The most common types are sliding, hinged, pivot, and frameless shower doors. Frameless shower doors are gaining popularity in Chicago because they provide a sleek and modern appearance to the bathroom.

2. Hardware and Finishes

Hardware and finishes are key considerations when selecting shower doors. They not only determine the performance of the doors but also affect the bathroom’s overall appearance. Chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black are some popular finishes.

3. Glass Thickness and Type

The thickness of the glass used in shower doors matters. The higher the thickness, the more durable the doors will be. In Chicago, tempered glass is the most popular choice as it is more durable and less likely to shatter. Low-iron glass is another option that provides better clarity and less distortion.

4. Professional Installation

Proper installation is paramount to the durability and performance of shower doors. Poor installation can cause damage to your bathroom, and the doors may not function optimally. Choosing a professional installation service like Chicago Glass and Mirror guarantees a seamless installation process without room for errors.

In conclusion, selecting the right shower doors in Chicago requires carefully considering their type, hardware, glass thickness, and professional installation. Opting for Chicago Glass and Mirror provides a top-notch installation service that guarantees your satisfaction. Visit their website or contact them today for more information.

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