Foundation Problems in Tallahassee Need Not Trouble Homeowners for Long

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

The ground beneath you is shifting. It may take years decades even but it will inevitably do so, and things which have been built upon it will feel the effects. Designers and builders of homes and other buildings take great care to account for and anticipate this inevitable process, erecting their products upon foundations which lie on more secure footing. Even then, these better-laid plans can eventually go awry, as shifting, expanding, and contracting earth pushes against foundations or bedrock itself moves ever so slightly over time.

Fortunately for those having Foundation problems in Tallahassee, most of these problems can be effectively and permanently addressed. Providers of Ram Jack solid foundations make use of a number of techniques to leverage and hold foundations back into place, so that the distortions that had occurred in structures as a result of their movement are repaired and kept at bay for many years to come.

The process of foundation repair generally begins with the installation of secure piles around the affected parts of the foundation. These strong, sturdy supports are driven far into the ground, so that they find purchase deep in bedrock, and will withstand any movement of soil and stone higher up toward the surface.

Once these piles have been put into place, the foundation of the affected structure is attached to them securely. Having been connected to an even-more-permanently secure source of support, the foundation is then jacked back into its original position. This action relieves stresses which had developed as the structure above settled in places along with the foundation below, so that many of the symptoms of foundation damage will almost immediately disappear on their own.

With a once-damaged foundation now securely attached to such deep-seated pilings, it can normally be counted on to continue offering the steady support that it was designed to provide. If further problems should develop with the foundation in the future, though, the presence of those pilings means that it can be easily adjusted again until it has stabilized. Foundation problems in Tallahassee, then, while they may at first seem to be difficult to deal with, can in fact be handled quite successfully.


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