Fireplace Mantel Replacement by Expert Professional in Bethesda

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Cleaning

Professional and trained personnel carry out fireplace mantel replacement in Bethesda for residential and commercial buildings of the region. The job is somewhat tiresome and requires expert handling. Otherwise, chances are there that it might not be completed with desired results. Since fireplace is a highly dangerous area of a drawing room, from where any provocation might lead to inferno in the entire house, proper replacement of the mantel is necessary in case any damage is done to it.

A fireplace mantel is highly essential place of a house at Bethesda. It plays an important role in defining a limited boundary for fire and makes the rooms warmer in the process. However, continuous burning of fire leads to wear and tear of the mantel. In such case, replacement of the damaged mantel becomes extremely essential; otherwise, a possibility of fire getting beyond the limited boundary would loom over the house.

Process involved in removal of damaged fireplace mantel

Service personnel, dealing with the duty of replacing a damaged mantel from the buildings, are highly trained to carry out the job perfectly, without any hitch. A professional engaged in replacing a damaged mantel, has to look into various matters while removing the damaged structure. Initially, a person removes the trim of the mantel using a hammer and prybar. The process is done with extreme care to save the adjoining walls from any damage.

Since portions of the mantle is set in the bricks of the wall to provide extra support for the mantle, a professional takes excess care in dismantling such joints in order to save the wall from being damaged further. The same structures can also be used to construct and reinforce new fireplace mantles in the same region. This helps in saving much time and planning for such installations. Trained fireplace mantel replacement personnel in Bethesda can use the same hinges and joints on the wall, in order to install a new designer mantel.

After installation of the new mantle is completed, the adjacent wall is checked and any hole or damage done in the process of fireplace mantel installation is immediately repaired. The personnel, assisting in the installation process may even suggest repainting of the defaced wall (in case so). He might even undertake the duty to repair any damaged portion of the wall.

Process of installing a new fireplace mantel

Certain important criteria should always be kept in mind while installing a new fireplace mantel. Firstly, a replacement professional examines the shape and size of the new mantle minutely. After he is satisfied about the dimensions, he would take necessary steps to install the new mantle at the desired region. Personnel engaged in such activity would also chisel out some portion of the wall for installing the new mantel successfully.
After successful installation of the outer portion of the mantel, special care is taken to check the base of fireplace, where the burning logs would be placed. A responsible personnel taking up the job of fireplace mantel replacement in any house of Bethesda, would visit his clientsa house after a few days to check if there is any defect arising thereafter.

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