Effective Ways to Prevent Mold Growth at Home

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

While mold serves a significant role in the environment by destroying organic materials, the same attribute can wreck your health, as well as finances. It starts with a wet patch on the wall and eats away all the paint, if left uncontrolled. According to Damage Restoration Services Medicine Hat, prevention is better than restoration. It does save you not only money but also prevents possible degradation to the living environment.

Dry wet areas

Since mold spores cannot thrive without moisture, reducing moisture in your home is the best way to eliminate mold. Mold can grow from a wet source within twenty-four and forty-eight hours. That suitable wet material in your home for more than 24 hours thus is a risk of mold growth. Surfaces such sinks are also favorite places for mold more so if they are wet most of the time. Such surfaces should be disinfected and dried regularly

Low indoor humidity

The recommended level of indoor humidity is between thirty and sixty percent. It is achieved through proper ventilation. Condensation on walls and windows are telltale signs of excessive moisture. Such areas should be dried immediately and address the moisture source.

Damp clothes

Wet clothes are the greatest cause of mold indoors. Ita��s, therefore, best to thoroughly your dry clothes outside before storage. When drying the clothes in dryer indoors, if possible, make sure to exhaust the air outdoors. Ensure the room where you’re drying your clothes is adequately ventilated in either case.

Reduce clutter

Lessen the number of materials stored in places like basements s a key point in preventing moisture. The possibility of mold growing is even higher ,if the materials are made of fabric or paper. Leaving moist material and documents in this vicinity only serve to increase the spread of mold. Alternatively, Damage Restoration Services Medicine Hat considers running a dehumidifier in the basement during the warm months an effective way to prevent the moisture build up in the flooring material.

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