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Dura Lock Pressed Piles for Your Concrete Foundation in Houston

Dura Lock Pressed piers (piles) are excellent for repairing your concrete foundation in Houston. The method is FHA, VA, and city codes approved, and offers several advantages over other methods. Here is more about the pressed pile process which Dura Pier uses and its benefits.

What is the Pressed Pile Method?

With pressed piers, there is no need for extensive soil testing. The piles test the soil as they are driven into the ground. There’s also no drilling or Large scale excavations. In fact, the weight of your house does most of the work. Here is what we do:

* We dig underneath the edge of your foundation to set a 6 inch by 12 inch pre-made concrete cylinder directly under your grade beam.

* Next, a hydraulic jack is placed on top of the concrete cylinder, and pressure is gently applied to the structure. As the pressure builds, the cylinder is slowly driven into the ground.

* After the first cylinder has been driven into the ground, the hydraulic jack is removed, another cylinder is placed directly above the first one, and the procedure is repeated until the required depth of the pile is reached.

What Keeps all Those Sections in Place?

To make sure your new piers stay together they are joined by a special 5/8 diameter inch bolt. It’s corrosion resistant and designed to last for the life of your home. The Dura Lock system is unique because it allows each and every cylinder to be aligned properly, and tensioned to resist uplift.

Benefits of Pressed Pile Systems

You’ll notice many benefits with our Dura Lock pressed pile system. For example:

* Easier on landscapes a�� there’s not a lot of drilling or digging to uproot or bother your plants and lawn.

* Quick installation time a�� you won’t have to wait for concrete piers to set up and cure (which could take weeks). The sections used in the process are pre-made, tested and certified for strength.

* Pilings can be driven until they reach support levels a�� this provides a permanent installation without problems.

Are Pressed Piles Right for Me?

Dura Pier installs pressed piles and bell bottom pier systems, and when you contact us for a free inspection, we show you the best system for your individual soil conditions and needs. You can depend on Dura Pier as we have been in the business for three generations, and all our work is done by licensed, insured, and certified experts in concrete foundation repair. Give us a call today at. If you live in the Houston area, you can call us at. You can also visit them on Google+

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