Dumpster rental in Atlantic City

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Waste Management

Scrap metal disposal is an important service, and disposing of it is easy. Scrap metal containers of all sizes are available to fit the customer’s needs. The containers available are utilized for commercial, construction, industrial and residential customers in the Vineland and Millville, NJ areas.

Properly disposing of scrap metal eliminates a safety hazard caused by the edges inflicting wounds on people working in the area, or by the people that have to constantly move it around.

Scrap metal is often unsightly, and it can detract from the surrounding neighborhood. If you have a hot water heater to dispose of, Dumpster rental in Atlantic County is the company to call. Residences can generate scrap metal in car wheels, old bicycles, and other metal that has served it’s purpose. Metal recycling also includes all x-rays such as dental, medical, and x-rays of construction areas. These items can be picked up as well.

Dumpster rental is ideal for the business or construction site that needs to clean out scrap metal. Placing it in a dumpster is ideal for the business, and a dumpster is easy to haul away. The containers that can be provided range in size from 6 to 40 yards. A container is available to fit your needs, and a professional staff will drop off and pick-up the container of your choice. Your scrap vehicle can be towed to make it easier for you to dispose of a vehicle without a purpose.

You can put ferrous and non-ferrous materials into the dumpster, and when the giant hammers have shredded the materials the pieces are separated by a ballistic separator. The shredders are state-of-the art, and the efficiency of these machines enable the processor to scrap metal efficiently economically. Visit website

Once the hammers have shredded the material, the pieces move to a giant magnet in a warehouse that separates the two major metals: Ferrous from nonferrous materials. A ballistic separator sorts the steel pieces that make their way to their ultimate disposition.

Car and industrial batteries are accepted, and these are handled responsibly to protect the environment. Recycling metal is a tremendous support for the environmental. These items do not have to lay around and rust forever, as many bad sights can be eliminated.



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