Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes — Hire a Professional to Install your Marble Tiles in Westport CT

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Flooring

Marble has long been used for floor tiles, counters, decorative items, even for some bathroom applications. It is a well loved and instantly recognizable material, and comes in a variety of colors with characteristic contrasting “veining.” Marble polishes to a high sheen as does granite, but is more porous. It must be sealed, cleaned and handled with care from a chemical point of view, and it is highly recommended that if you go to the lengths to install Marble Tiles Westport CT, that you use only cleansers that are specifically recommended for use with marble in order to retain the marble’s striking original appearance.

Marble tiles create a beautiful floor, a stunning entrance, and even an arresting shower or tub enclosure. If you decide that only marble will do, you can lay it yourself, making certain first that the underlying floor structures are sound. Marble floor tiles are heavy and are prone to crack with use if the floor beneath them is unlevel or likely to give. Reinforce and level with a leveling compound if necessary before beginning any project with marble tiles in Westport CT. You’ll need to calculate the amount of tile you’ll need (intentionally planning to have a bit left over in the event you should ever, years down the road, need to replace one), and put some thought and planning as to their configuration, making sure that you find the pattern you choose to lay it out pleasing, for you’re likely to be living with it for a long time! Lay the tiles out prior to setting them, and use spacers to make sure the distance between them is perfectly even, especially if you are a novice tile layer.

If laying the tile yourself seems a bit overwhelming, you can simply hire the job done — a company such as Westwod Flooring ( can complete the job for you from start to finish (including providing the tiles of your choice), and you can sit back and watch the work take place, serene in the knowledge that all is being done as it should. There’s nothing worse than when a novice takes on his one and only job, and realizes only after he finished that he neglected an important step of the process! Save yourself these anxieties and headaches (and sore knees) and let the pros at Westwood Flooring get the job done correctly for you the first time!

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