Don’t Buy a Pig in a Poke — Get a Home Inspection in Seminole, FL!

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Pest Control

Have you ever heard the idiom, “Don’t buy a pig in a poke?” It originated in the late middle ages when there wasn’t a lot of meat to be had. An unsuspecting person would purchase meat in a bag (poke) without inspecting it, only to get home and find that the “pig” was more than likely, someone’s pet dog or cat. In other words, check out the merchandise before you pay for it!

Nowhere is this advice more valuable than when it comes to purchasing a home. People who fall in love with the outer appearance of a home and rush to buy, foolishly fearing that someone else will get it if they don’t, often have fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book. They’ve been manipulated by strategic curb appeal: foundation plantings, flower gardens, a fresh coat of paint … and inside the scent of cookies in the oven lingering in the air, a spotless interior, and inexpensive but brand new carpeting and window treatments. What could be more perfect than this seemingly exquisite home? They plunk the money down and move right in, and then their troubles begin.

For the seemingly perfect home had issues that did not show when all one saw was the flowers, the carpet and the paint. You did not see the troubled plumbing, the temperamental furnace, the worn out hot water heater or the roof that was beginning to leak. Without an inspection you would not notice termite damage until it was well along. If the home is an older one, it could have inadequate wiring and the home could have water damage from plumbing and roof leaks in the past. A Home Inspection in Seminole, FL will reveal all of the above to you and much more, and prevent you from inadvertently purchasing a money pit. Hire a qualified home inspection agency such as SEC Inspection Services to do a home inspection for you prior to putting down earnest money.

When you get a home inspection in Seminole, FL, you get knowledge. You’ll receive a detailed inspection regarding every single aspect of the home you’re considering purchasing, from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. Every toilet will be flushed, every window raised and lowered, every closet door opened and closed. No stone will be left unturned and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting should you decide to purchase that home.

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