Damaged Roof? Hire a Roofing Contractor in Tacoma

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Roofing

Severe weather events such as hail storms can damage Roofing in Tacoma. When the damage is wide spread, out-of-state roofing contractors may hit an area with promises of cheap and fast roof repairs. However, often these contractors convince homeowners to pay them upfront and then leave without completing the work. Homeowners can protect their finances and property by carefully checking the credentials of roofing contractors before hiring them. They can verify that they are a licensed Washington contractor by checking with the Washington state labor and industry website. They should also ensure that they carry the proper liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Hiring a licensed local roofing company ensures that they will know the best roofing practices for the area. Northwest Roof Service, Inc. has been at the same location for 23 years. They know what works in the area and the best suppliers to buy their roofing materials from. They also have been working with local insurance companies for all of that time as well. They know how to itemize and price a job so that insurance companies review and approve the claim smoothly. One of their employees can walk the job with the insurance adjuster to make sure that they understand the true conditions. Since both contractors and insurance companies use the same job estimation software and standards, once a list of work is agreed to the job cost should be consistent.

Because roofing jobs are so expensive, homeowners often ask for several estimates. If they notice that one Roofing in Tacoma estimate is substantially different from the others, they should check certain features. Some contractors don’t include the cost of tearing off the old roof or cleaning up debris in their roofing estimate. They might be using materials that are lower or higher in quality. Roofing warranties can vary among brands and change the cost of the materials. Some contractors provide warranties on their labor as well.

Once a roofing job is complete, the homeowner should establish a roof inspection program. This ensures that small problems such as loose shingles will be found and fixed promptly. It also protects the warranty and makes the roof last longer. Click here to learn more about roofing construction and maintenance.

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