Correct Roof Installation in St. Charles MO Halts Water Damage

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Roofing

Roofing systems are becoming increasingly complex as the industry changes to meet the demands of today’s homeowners. For installers, that means installation methods commonly used in the past are no longer sufficient. Roof installation professionals in St. Charles MO are quickly adapting to the new materials, as they know using the newer materials allows fewer possibilities for leaks. That, in turn, means contractors have more satisfied clients.

One example of a new material that was almost unheard of even a few years ago is the adhesive backed product used to reduce ice damage. Applied to roof edges, the material makes it virtually impossible for water to back up under shingles, which reduces the potential for rot or water penetration into interior spaces. There are several variants of material, and essentially the same product may also be applied to low slope roofs where water penetration is common. Roofing professionals can explain the benefits of including this type of product for a specific home roof installation.

Composition shingles are, arguably, the most commonly used roofing material. Newer shingle designs, with their many colors and textures, not only improve a home’s looks, they also last far longer in sunbaked areas of Missouri than older shingles. Roof installation professionals in St. Charles MO work with clients to select the best product for each home and budget. Better quality products, understandably, cost more than lower quality products. That cost, however, is quickly offset by lower maintenance costs and less susceptibility to wind damage. The newer, high quality shingle designs generally last several more years than inexpensive products. When combined with the products to reduce ice damage, the extra cost becomes less important.

Steel roofs are also recommended by roof installation professionals in St. Charles MO. Gone are the days when steel meant few, if any color options. New varieties of steel roofing not only come in a variety of colors to enhance virtually any home, steel the products are now offered in different styles.

Of course no roofing product will prevent roof leaks if it is not properly installed. Companies offering roof installation in St. Charles MO must use every product as it was intended. That means contractors must train all personnel in the techniques used for every roofing system they use. Some, like Affordable Exteriors have spent years training a staff to provide top quality service to every client.

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