Common Reasons for Concrete Repair Services Honolulu

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

As with any structure, there will come a time when you will need to find a company for concrete repair services Honolulu. As a concrete slab ages, it will begin to show signs of its age through chips, cracks, and even pitting or flaking. Often, when this occurs, many homeowners tend to believe their entire concrete slab will need replaced, but this is not always the case. Depending on the severity of damage, you may just need concrete repair Honolulu.

When Do I Need Concrete Repair Services near Honolulu?

It is not uncommon for concrete slabs to crack over time, which can occur for several reasons. Concrete can shrink due to excessive water in the mix, rapid drying of the concrete, or various other causes. When cracks appear that are less than A? inch wide or A? inch deep, the cracks can easily be repaired using a polymer-based repair material.

Another common cause of damage is due to scaling or spalling of the concrete, which is often the result of freeze and thawing cycles. The damage to the surface of the concrete from spalling is an eyesore but does not necessarily cause structural harm. You can repair the damage by having your driveway resurfaced by a professional concrete company.

In some cases, damage may be more severe, such as if corrosion has occurred to the reinforced steel within the concrete. When the steel becomes affected, a simple repair is no longer enough. The integrity of the driveway is now compromised and a more extensive repair is needed.

When your driveway becomes damaged, you need to find concrete repair services Honolulu right away. The sooner you repair the damage, the less costly the repairs will be while protecting your concrete from future damage. If your Concrete Repair Services near Honolulu, Structural Systems, Inc. has the solutions.

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