Common Area Maintenance Services: Providing Temporary Fencing in Denver, CO

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Temporary fencing is a necessary tool for crowd control at events and concerts, a safety measure for construction sites and much more. Because it is not cost-effective to purchase fencing for short-term use, outside contractors are brought in install and remove rented fencing.

Common Area Maintenance Services is a company located in Denver, Colorado that provides temporary fencing as well as additional services. They are also a snow removal company, provide property maintenance and offer power sweeping and washing.

They offer comprehensive services which means their customers can get all of their maintenance needs from one contractor. All of their staff is well-trained in multiple types of equipment and services, so work can be performed quickly and with minimal on-site staff.

CAM has 24-hour availability for their property maintenance services. Their power sweeping services are guaranteed to keep your streets and parking lots debris-free. Regular removal of litter controls water contamination from run off and makes your property more attractive to customers.

Snow removal services are performed by well-trained professionals with only the most effective, up-to-date equipment. They guarantee they will keep your parking lots open and accessible during even the largest winter storms, often faster than city roads themselves are cleared.

Common Area Maintenance Services is skilled at both construction and demolition services and airport maintenance services. All of their airport personnel is background checked and CAM is fully insured with a strict company policy regarding safety and quality.

If you are looking for Temporary Fencing in Denver, CO you should call CAM. Their fencing is available 24-hours a day. They can provide fencing for small areas and large, on a short-term basis or for multi-year projects. Their secure, attractive fencing is kept well maintained to provide a reliable barrier for your property or project.

CAM’s managers and owners have had experience in the building trades for over 30 years. Their experience lets them understand the need for speedy service, good communication and quality work. For a list of their services or to receive a bid on the services you need performed, you can contact Common Area Maintenance Services for more information.

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