Choosing Reliable Acoustic Ceiling in South Bay

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Popcorn ceiling also known as the acoustic ceiling is popular among people residing in South Bay area. It is a thick texture made of asbestos or sty foam material. In 1960 or much earlier, in residential condos, apartments and studio rooms located in South Bay, Los Angeles, architects used the popcorn ceilings to make the rooms of the condos attractive.

Popcorn Ceiling Made of Sty Foam-Less Destructive

However, when the American government banned the usage of asbestos due to the harmful side effects to damage the health of people, building constructors and architects preferred sty foam to make the popcorn ceilings. It is comparatively less destructive.

Popcorn or spray-on ceiling is long lasting, smooth and glossy. The spray- on type acoustic ceiling is also washable. One can clean the texture of the popcorn ceiling to enhance the interior decoration. Painting colors last longer, and the rate of longevity of this popcorn ceiling is naturally higher.

Proper Modification Needed

Popcorn ceiling can be modified, reinstalled and framed easily. So you can do good repairing works to make your popcorn ceiling presentable to guests. Acoustic ceiling at South Bay is used vastly for home owners. They decorate pantry rooms, bed chambers, lounges, and dinette rooms by installing acoustic ceiling.

There are different shapes and colors of the acoustic ceilings. A home owner should appoint a competent architect to measure the rooms for the selection of properly tailored popcorn ceiling slabs for the sake of indoor decoration.

The popcorn ceiling absorbs sound in the room. If a home owner wants to stay in cool ambience, he or she must think of choosing the best acoustic ceiling for South Bay. In this connection, a short survey in the net is helpful to consumers to have a tie-up with a reliable home improvement company to install, repair, and re-modify the popcorn ceiling of the roof. People are given the latest techniques to install the popcorn ceilings. For the updation of knowledge, a novice home owner can check the still pictures of the old buildings, which have the popcorn ceilings.

Popcorn or acoustic ceiling is also repairable. There are many companies in South Bay area, which give the cheap and dependable acoustic installation with removal services on easy contractual terms. You will be given discounts and relaxation in tax payment, if you opt for the best eco-friendly sty foam based popcorn ceiling to design your bed chamber of the luxurious apartment.

However, popcorn ceilings require extra manpower to scrap and peel the damaged layers off the acoustic ceiling texture. One should wear mask and a head gear to protect eyes, mouth and nose from the constant spray of asbestos dust. It is seen that after scooping off popcorn ceiling texture, architect finds it problematic to reinstall the new popcorn texture due to creation/formation of large holes, dents and curves on the surface.


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