Can Chimney Cleaning In Columbus, OH protect Wildlife?

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

In fact, many exhaust ductings are nothing more than metal linings run up inside a traditional chimney and, even those that run horizontally through a side wall, are doing exactly the same job as a chimney. So, it is natural for the less pedantic amongst us to refer to all methods of removing hot gases (smoke) from a place of fire as being chimneys.

Even these modern, clean fuels do produce dirty smoke – much less than that produced by direct burning of lumps of coal or wooden logs; but dirt nevertheless. Since some of the dirty products of combustion will stick to the insides of metal ducts and old chimneys alike; Chimney Cleaning In Columbus, OH remains very much alive and kicking.

Wildlife Protection

No, regular Chimney Cleaning In Columbus, OH does not reduce the quantity of environmentally unfriendly gases exhausting into the Eartha’s atmosphere from your rooftops; so, a cleaned chimney does not alleviate the deeper sources of problems with wildlife habitats. However, there is one problem that is closer to the chimney that chimney owners can address by regular inspection, maintenance, cleaning and repair of their chimneys.

Chimney Swifts, Purple Martins & Other Similar Migratory Birds

Such birds spend their summers with us and then migrate to warmer climes for the winter. While they are with us, they need to build nests and raise their young. For centuries, this was no problem for them since the vast forests that covered our land provided them with an abundance of hollow trees to roost on and build their nests in. These birds are not only “nice” to watch; they also serve a useful purpose in the large numbers of flying insect pests that they eat every day.

Now that we have cut down so much of the ancient forests; the birds have learnt to use chimneys and other man made structures to replace their traditional roost. Should you have a masonry or clay flue-tile chimney; then, you should keep its top open in summer (with the lower damper closed) to provide a temporary swift hotel as it were. You may need to have the chimney swept after they leave.

Additionally, you should call in a company like Business Name for Chimney Cleaning In Columbus, OH around March time (after your last winter fire and before the birds return) to remove soot, etc before the next feathered guests arrive.

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