Aspects of a Yearly Maintenance Check for a Garage Door

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

If you own an automatic garage door, it’s important to have it maintained at least once a year. The first step is to call garage door repair in Arlington Heights IL to have a technician conduct the maintenance work. Look at just a few of the steps included in a full maintenance check on a garage door.

Checking Various Parts of the Door

There are many working parts to a garage door. A technician conducting a maintenance check will look at the roller track as well as the rollers to see if they are secure. He or she will test the emergency release on the garage door to see if it’s working properly. Oil may be added to connections if they need a refresh.

Testing the Door for Proper Operation

A garage door technician tests the door’s operation watching it closely as it goes up and down. Does the door sit evenly on the garage floor? Does the door shake or is there a jerking motion with the operation of the door? Checking these things can let the technician know if there is a problem with the balance of the door. He or she can go from there to fix any issues.

Looking for Places Where Cold Air is Leaking Through

Part of the reason for having a garage door is so it will block cold winds from entering the structure. So, a garage door repair technician from Arlington Heights IL will check to see if there are any gaps anywhere around top, bottom or sides of the door.

If you want to arrange for a yearly maintenance check or you are having an issue with your automatic garage door visit Roberts Garage Door Professionals of Chicago online at to schedule an appointment with an experienced technician.

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