Aluminum vs. Vinyl Siding Chicago

by | Feb 6, 2013 | Home Improvement

Back in the day, there were only two siding options: aluminum and wood! In the late 1950a��s vinyl was introduced in the market as a replacement for aluminum. To this day, most people do not know which of the two is better. However, it is common knowledge that vinyl has a huge chunk of the home builders market. Whereas vinyl is plastic, aluminum is metal but the differences go beyond that.

Aluminum siding has various benefits. It is waterproof, does not need painting for the first few years, and comes in many colors for you to choose from. Did I mention that it is also fireproof? You can repaint it and it is easy to install. The paint on aluminum is baked on and it is usually either enamel or acrylic. It is important to note that if you scratch it, it will come off and leave the aluminum showing underneath. Regardless of the weather conditions and temperatures aluminum siding does not change its properties but remains the same all year round. Aluminum is considered economical and a great water repellant. It is also rust free. When it comes to trim options, aluminum wins hands down, as it is easy to custom bend and mold into the necessary design.

One of the advantages that Vinyl siding In Chicago has over aluminum is that it is cheaper and unlike aluminum, it does not dent on impact. It comes in a variety of colors as well and you cannot scratch off the paint. However, should you decide to repaint the vinyl you will find that it does not take paint as well as aluminum. In the winter, vinyl can become brittle due to the drop in temperature. It is twice as thick as aluminum, which makes it more durable and longer lasting and yes, it is waterproof too. There are various features added to vinyl siding that reinforce the nailing hems. This makes vinyl more wind resistant than aluminum. There is also fade protection, which means that the vinyl can go a long time before it needs a touch up.

Looking at the above considerations it is easy to see why vinyl siding Chicago tramples aluminum. It is thicker and more durable, it does not dent, it has solid color meaning you cannot scratch it; it also comes with reinforced nailing hems which makes it great for the windy city. It is a cheaper option too. Be careful when contracting someone to carry out the installation for you. Make sure they are professionals at it, ask for referrals and better still, have them take you to houses that they have done in the past that you can check out for your piece of mind. Even with the best materials, a nonprofessional can do a shoddy job.

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