Oct , 2015

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A Roofing Company in Johnston Shows 3 Signs of Evidence to Suggest the Roof is in its Last Year

Some signs of roof damage are more than obvious. A giant hole in the front will not go easily missed. Lost shingles have a hard time remaining discreet. Though roof damage and/or wear are typically easy to spot, there are a few things that can go right over the radar. Below is three pieces of evidence that suggest a roof is in the last year of its life.

Light From Inside

A Roofing Company in Johnston suggests that a lot of the evidence for a bad roof is not even seen from the outside of the home. The main piece of evidence is from the attic. If there are any signs of light coming through the roof, the roof must go quickly. Replace it and avoid a catastrophe. Water will penetrate these areas and seep throughout the entire roof. It is a recipe for a major disaster and is the first thing to look for when it comes to the interior roof review.

Attic Water Damage

Look in the attic and shine a bright light. There may be signs of water damage. Spot for any leaks. This could be an active water leak or drip, but it is not always so. Inspectors will also review for lifts in the wood. There are some other indications of a bad roof, but none of these necessarily dictate the roof is on its last legs. Dark spots in the wood could indicate general wear. A sagging roof could mean many things, and absolutely needs a further inspection from a Roofing Company in Johnston.

The most daring piece of evidence in the outside is rotting. Rotting indicates water damage. For the shingles to rot, the water damage needs to be quite severe. Furthermore, rotting is not always easy to spot from the ground floor. It takes a clear inspection and often includes lifting shingles up. This is why it is so often missed.

The extent of the damage will dictate if a new roof replacement should be done within the year. Homeowners can click here to find more. There are many signs, both obvious and not-so-obvious.

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