A Roofer in Hendersonville Can Install an Energy-Saving Roof

by | Aug 2, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Installing a new roof is an opportunity to improve the appearance of the house exterior and to lower heating bills. A homeowner should carefully discuss their options with an experienced roofer in Hendersonville. They’ve installed many roofs in the area and they know what stands up to the weather conditions. They also know what types of roofs are popular. This is an important consideration, if the homeowners think that they’ll be selling their property in the next few years.

Shingles come in many different styles and colors. Since a roof can last from 15 to 30 years, it’s important to pick a combination that will stand the test of time. It can be depressing if the homeowner wants to paint their house a creamy yellow, but that color clashes with the shingles. A roofer in Hendersonville may even have a computer program that will show the homeowner how is current house will look with different shingles on it.

Shingle manufacturers have created shingles that are coated with products that reflect the sun’s heat. That can keep homes much cooler in the summer. Homeowners could see up to a 20 percent reduction in cooling bills. They should discuss other ways that new roofs can minimize energy costs with their roofer in Hendersonville. Some contractors even help them fill out forms to qualify for governmental rebate programs.

Once a roof has been installed, that doesn’t mean that the homeowner can forget about it for the next 15 years. After every winter the homeowner should have a roofer in Hendersonville inspect it. If there have been many summer wind storms, then it might need a second inspection. They’ll look for loose or missing shingles and gaps in the flashing. The gutters should also be inspected as well. If there are rips in the gutter seams, then the runoff from the roof will just leak on to the side of the house or end up leaking into the basement.

Catching problems at this stage will make the roofing installation last much longer. It is much less expensive to perform simple roofing repairs in Hendersonville. It will also protect the roofing warranty in case a more serious issue occurs.

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