3 Reasons You Should Use Concrete for Your Fort Myers Hardscaping Project

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Concrete contractor

When you want to install hardscaping on your property, you’ll have plenty of options in terms of choosing the right material. Some examples include brick, stone, and slate. While each of these materials offers its own benefits, none of them stand up to the wide range of benefits offered by concrete. Your residential concrete contractor in Fort Myers, FL can help you design concrete hardscaping that will stand the test of time in multiple ways.

It’s Easy to Customize

Most people think of a beige, rough surface when they think of concrete, but there are plenty of ways you can customize this material. Your contractor can add dyes to change the color of the concrete or use additives to change its texture. You can even create stamped concrete by using molds that will shape the concrete into any design you choose.

It’s Durable

Depending on your use of concrete, it can last from 30 up to 100 years. That’s because this is a highly durable material that stands up against extreme temperatures. It’s also water-resistant and fire-resistant. These features mean you’ll have a surface that won’t erode or rot over time. Keeping up with repairs when cracks do appear will help you extend the lifetime of your concrete hardscaping even longer.

It’s Cost Effective

When you ask for a quote from your residential concrete contractor in Fort Myers, FL, you’ll discover that concrete costs less than many other materials. The lower cost will help you extend your project’s budget, giving you an extra cushion if other aspects of your project cost more than you estimated.

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