Water Chillers Are Key Components For Many Industrial Processes

by | May 29, 2019 | Contractor

Creating an excellent bottle of wine today entails leveraging a lot of advanced technology. For example, when a winery harvests its grapes the fruit needs to be cooled rapidly to obtain a high degree of management over a complex fermentation process.

To handle the cooling process, winery engineers use industrial water chillers. Specific configurations of these machines have been customized for the wine industry. Grapes go into tanks at a temperature between 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. They must be cooled to 32 degrees (zero Celsius) rapidly. Industry chillers handle the job by dissipating heat from jacketed wine tanks and then keep temperatures regulated at optimum levels.

That just one example of how cooling technology enables a business to do what is does best. Another example would be a company that uses machines that must be kept free of unwanted condensation from a compressed air system. Again, its water chillers to the rescue. They are a perfect answer for companies operating in hot and humid environments.

You’ll find no shortage of companies competing in the business of selling industrial water chillers. In Cleveland, for example, an internet search on “Water Chiller Manufacturers Cleveland” will produce more than a few suppliers.

The city of Cleveland has a long tradition in meeting the needs of all manner of industrial supply equipment. It’s almost an embarrassment of riches. Thus, once the search for “Water Chiller Manufacturers Cleveland” is made, the vetting process for the prospective buyer begins.

There are several important specifications to consider when choosing an industrial chiller. These include total life cycle cost, power source, the chiller IP rating, chiller cooling capacity, the machine’s evaporator capacity, the evaporator material, type of evaporator used, the condenser material and much more.

It pays to come prepared with facts, figures and exact specifications for your needs.

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