Top Reasons To Choose Epoxy Coatings For Concrete Floors

There are many different reasons why residential homeowners and commercial and industrial building owners choose to use epoxy coatings in Melbourne for concrete floors. As a cost-effective, long-lasting and easy to apply finishing option for concrete, epoxy coatings act to both seal and protect the concrete as well as add to the visual appeal of the space.

The top brands of quality epoxy coatings for concrete floors are best applied by professional crews, especially for large commercial and industrial buildings.

Below are several reasons why epoxy coatings are considered the ideal option for such a wide range of different types of applications.


A quality epoxy coating will last for years with just minor and routine sweeping and cleaning requirements. This is true for use in a home basement or garage area or for commercial applications such as kitchens, retail outlets, kennels, workroom floors and even warehouse facilities.

Ease of Application

With a limited need to prep the concrete surface with some options in epoxy coatings for concrete floors, this is a very simple application process. Minimal specialised equipment will be required, allowing for do-it-yourself or professional application to suit the specific budget.

Quick Drying Times

While there are differences between products, the best epoxy floor coatings are designed for quick drying times. This often means even a very large facility can be completed in a weekend or less. Ease of application and short drying times means less downtime for the facility.

Colour Options

It will be important to shop around with the various manufacturers for the best in colour options in epoxy coatings. Some companies offer a terrific selection and can even custom blend colour chips into the base colours offered to create a unique look for any concrete floor.

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