Sep , 2015

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Save time and money by hiring an architect and luxury home builder in tandem

Save time and money by hiring an architect and luxury home builder in tandem

When embarking on building a new custom luxury home, the most important decision is how to make the best use of the funds that are available. Even though the home is going to be in the a�?luxurya�? category, making wise decisions from the beginning of the project will ensure that the owner gets exactly what they are looking for.

It is difficult to accurately forecast the price of something that has never been built before, although there are ways to ensure that cost overruns are minimized. Perhaps the best way to keep everything under control is to hire an architect and the builder at the same time, allowing them to work simultaneously. Although an independent architect can be hired to work with your luxury home builder in Sedona, there are also builders of high end homes who have architects on their staff.

Once the contracts have been signed, the owner of the new home can work closely with the architect; the builder at the same time can monitor the design, ensuring that what is being proposed can be accommodated within budget. One bonus of working with a luxury home builder in Sedona, as well as an in-house architect, is that the builder can often see ways to meet the vision of the architect but execute in a simpler or less expensive way.

Many people setting out to build a custom luxury home are of the opinion that hiring an architect to design and detail the home first and then soliciting offers to build the home will result in the best home for the lowest price. This is not necessarily true. Even the most skilled, talented and conscientious architects can leave something out or make an error. People who have worked with the John Nanke Signature Group know that the builder is in a great position to catch any errors while everything is still on paper. There is an incentive to do this: if there is an error during construction the cost is borne by the builder.

There are also situations where the homeowner will enter into a a�?design-builda�? contract. The John Nanke Signature Group, as the builder, is responsible for hiring an independent architect. Under this type of an arrangement the architect answers to the builder who hired him, not the homeowner. Should there be any disagreement while the house is being constructed the architect must deal with the builder directly, not the homeowner.

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