Restoring Metal Commercial Roofing in Oklahoma after Heavy Hailstones

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Roofing

Do you want your business property to be more energy efficient? Maybe you just want to enhance the overall design? If so, metal commercial roofing in Oklahoma will be the perfect addition to your business. This versatile, strong type of roofing is very popular and is often chosen over other types of roofing, such as asphalt and fiberglass roofs. Despite this, a hailstorm can severely affect the condition of metal commercial roofing in Oklahoma and when this happens, heat may escape and water may enter the home. To stop this problem from interrupting business, get metal commercial roofing in Oklahoma fitted by a professional.

Preparing the Surface

Metal commercial roofing in Oklahoma is proven to retain heat, therefore you will not need to spend as much money on heating when you get this roofing installed. After you contact a company to arrange the fitting, you can expect a visit so that the roof can be prepared. The roof surface must be free of debris, oil and anything else that may affect the metal roof. During the process of surface preparation scale and scum will be removed with sandblasting tools. If the surface is not too bad, the professional may just use a wire brush. The roof will then be covered in water and before caulking can take place, the roof must dry.

Seams and Caulking

The gaps and seams in the roof must be sealed because otherwise, water could enter the building through holes in the metal commercial roofing in Oklahoma. Water damage can cause major problems, proving just how important this step is. A strong caulking compound will be used at this time and after this, the seams will be treated. Horizontal seams and vertical panel joints will be targeted and a treatment will be applied to these areas to add extra strength to the metal roof.

Top Coat and Final Coat

Metal commercial roofing in Oklahoma needs to last for a number of years and this would not be possible if it werena��t for the top coat and final coat. These coats act as an extra barrier of protection, so that whether it rains or snows, the metal is not affected. Corrosion will be the death of metal and to prevent this from happening, a white reflective top coat will be applied. This will be applied over screws and joints, so that nothing breaks the seal. Once dry, the final coat will be spread along all of the roofing. Once all of this is done, the metal roofa��s life will be extended significantly.

With restoration services at Preferred Roofing Foam & Coating, Inc. for commercial roofing in Oklahoma, you can extend the life of a roof and avoid a complete replacement. To check out the warranty options for this type of roofing, visit Website.

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