Leaks Mean it is Time for Roof Repair Honolulu

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Roofing

A leaking roof can be an inevitable part of owning a home. Although many roofs can provide mostly trouble-free service for twenty years or more, the day will come when repairs and replacements are needed. Proper maintenance helps to extend the life of a roof, and so does making small repairs as needed. But what do you do to halt the flow in a leaking roof until you can get Roof Repair Honolulu service?

When one first notices a leak, it’s important to stay calm. It’s not the end of the world. Identifying the source of the leak is the first step to helping to minimize any potential damage. You need to be careful if you use a ladder to get on a roof. Slips and falls can happen if one is not wary. If a roof is in bad condition, it is also possible to fall through, so exercise extreme caution when walking on a roof. In fact, it is best to just call a roofer in order to fix this problem as soon as possible

Leaks can develop in a number of key areas. There may be pools of water that have formed along shingles or in valley dips that have formed in the roof over time. The flashing near chimneys and gutters are a common source. In mobile homes, leaks are normally found at the joining seams. Plumbing vents and skylights could be a culprit.

Inside the home, you should prepare the area where the leak is for repair, and remove any material that may be damaged by water. Buckets or another suitable container can be used to capture the drips or flow of water. It is a good idea to poke a small hole in the ceiling near the leak in order to prevent water from building up. The weight can cause the ceiling to break apart and fall in.

One good way to prevent surprise leaks in a roof is to have it inspected every so often. An annual inspection by a qualified roofer will pinpoint potential problem areas before major damage can be done. Weather is a huge source of small problems that can grow larger. As such, a good inspection should be done at least after a huge storm, particular if it involved hail.

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