Keeping The Home Warm With Chimney Repair in Mclean

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Having a working fireplace in the home is an inviting element that brings people together. Even more so, the fireplace acts as a way of heating the home on some of the coldest nights. Whether it’s gas or wood fired, proper chimney maintenance is crucial to maintaining a healthy breathing environment. The chimney is the piece that draws toxic fumes out of the house. Breathing in these fumes is dangerous and may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimneys should be swept and inspected at least once a year and possibly more often if they are used regularly. Over time the structural integrity of the chimney will begin to break down requiring repairs. Chimney Repair in Mclean can be made simple by finding the right people for the job.

There are several levels of repair ranging from filling in a crack to complete rebuilding. With proper maintenance, it may be a very long time before something as drastic as a complete rebuild will need to be done. It is common for cracks to form over the years that threaten the structure and its resistance to heat. This becomes a fire hazard, as well as, a breathing hazard if it has not been cleaned recently. Chimney Repair in Mclean is easy with the professionals at Priddy Clean by your side. They have the knowledge and experience to help in protecting the home and the people inside it.

Priddy Clean may offer a range of home services, but their heart lies in chimney sweeping and repair. It’s their passion for excellence and honesty that separates them from the rest. Services include commercial, residential and government agencies in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Chimney Repair in Mclean is a breeze with accurate and honest inspections. Video surveillance is also offered for an inspection without physically disturbing the chimney. Procrastinating about getting the chimney serviced is a dangerous habit that could lead health hazards. A home serves to keep people safe, and people, in turn, must take care of their homes. It does not matter if the problem is major or minor, Priddy Clean is on the job.

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