Keep Your Roof in Good Repair With an Experienced Roofer In Wichita Kansas

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Roofing

Living in Wichita Kansas allows one to enjoy a variety of weather from warm summer days to stormy wind driven rains, but all this variety can be rough on your home, especially the roof. The sun can bake the asphalt shingles drying them out over time. The heavy winds can pull at the edges of the shingles allowing rain and debris to work it’s way underneath, degrading the asphalt even more. Wood shake roofs are even worse as the elements allow the shingles to dry and crack. Wood can swell as water soaks into it and shrink as the sun heats the moisture away. Even the water resistant wood used for shake shingles will have this problem, although slowly at first and increasing as the wood ages.

You can easily avoid some of these problems by having a local Roofer In Wichita Kansas inspect the condition of your roof. A roofing inspection should include both the quality of the roof covering as well as testing the condition of the supporting rafters and joists. Homes with finished attics can make this inspection a bit difficult, however, the roofer can check for signs of water damage and perform a more thorough inspection of the crown and eaves.

On average, an asphalt roof will last about twenty years before it begins to fail. In the case of severe storm damage this time can be dramatically shortened which is where Roofing Companies in Wichita, Kansas come into play. A Roofer In Wichita Kansas can survey the storm damage and determine whether the roof needs a simple repair, complete replacement of the roof covering or a complete tear down of the whole roof. Every repair is different, just as every roof is too.

Every home will age in it’s own time as the materials used in it’s construction dries and ages. This is why quality roofing is so important. By protecting the construction of the roof and shedding water away from the home, your roof helps the house survive many extra decades of weather. If you find it’s time to replace your roof consider a quality roofing contractor like Rhoden Roofing. They will ensure you get the best materials and labor so your roof will last for decades.

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