Here Are the Top Three Signs Your Garage Door Needs Professional Repairs

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Garage Door

Most homeowners open and close their doors about four times in a day. Consequently, the frequent opening and closing of the garage door often causes wear and tear. Also, garage doors are prone to faults over time. Garage doors that don’t shut and open as required can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Studies reveal that faulty garage doors cause a considerable number of accidents at home. Therefore, homeowners ought to watch out for signs of broken garage doors and look for garage door repairs in the Arlington Heights, IL, area when repairs are needed. Here are a few signs to look out for.

Slow Response Time

You should pay attention to the length of time a garage door takes to respond to your commands. Typically, your garage door should open or close in not more than two seconds after pressing the opener. The door should operate smoothly without delay. A delay in its operation is a sign that your garage door opener is faulty and it may be time to look for garage door repairs in Arlington Heights, IL, to inspect and repair it.

Loud Bangs

A loud bang from your garage door is an indication that its springs have broken. It can happen at any time; not necessarily when opening or closing it. You shouldn’t ignore any signs of a broken spring because it can be dangerous. This is a situation that calls for a professional to replace a broken garage door spring.

Excessive Vibration or Shakiness

Garage doors have extra movement, even if they are functional. However, the problem comes when the movement is exaggerated. An excessive amount of shaking and shuddering is an indication that your garage door is developing several issues. The problem could be loose hinges, loose screws, or rollers coming off the tracks. Hire an expert at garage door repairs in Arlington Heights, IL to diagnose and fix the problem.

Garage doors are significant investments, and they need to remain functional for several years. Therefore, you should handle repairs immediately they happen to avoid further damage. Also, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your garage door functional.

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