Custom Home Construction in Bellingham, Done By Experts

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Often one will see an advertisement that says something like a�?Buy custom home construction in Bellingham, pre-construction prices until December 1sta�? or something similar. As the advertisement suggests, the homes will be built but a pre-construction discount is being offered in a new development. At this stage the site will be nothing but a muddy field and a sales trailer with a master plan of the development showing lot sizes and location. Pre selling custom home construction in Bellingham has distinct advantages; it provides the builder with cash for the project and it provides the buyers with the comfort that others are also buying into the new neighborhood.

If the builder of the development is reputable and your new home needs are not urgent, buying at pre-construction prices can save as much as 25% over the same home purchased later. Not only do you stand to save money, the early birds can select the best lots for their new homes and they can specify specifically what they want in the way of features, finishes and amenities.

When you see an opportunity to pre buy a custom home construction Bellingham, make it your business to investigate the developer and contractor. Find other developments that they have completed, drive around the finished estates and dona��t be afraid to stop and ask questions if you see residents outside. The reputation of the builder is extremely important, it is important that the builder focuses on residential construction and not commercial. There has been more than one example of unscrupulous builders pre-selling homes and then disappearing, leaving behind unfinished roads and half built homes. Reputable contractors will have been involved in prior developments.

As a buyer who took advantage of pre-construction prices you will be amongst the first to move into the development of custom home construction Bellingham. You need to ask yourself if you will be comfortable living for an extended period of time amongst ongoing construction with its attendant noise and dust. There is also the issue of machines and building materials, if you have small children you need to assess the risk to their safety, can they run and play without danger?

Once you have closed the deal and the purchase price of the custom home construction Bellingham has been established it cannot be changed. The builder can raise the prices for similar homes as much and as often as he pleases but your price is set. What is most important after the price has been set and the contract signed is the completion date. At this stage the completion date may not be set so make sure the builder gives you at least 2 or 3 months notice so you can prepare for changing residences.

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